A little bit about Sparky the elephant 

“Sparky was born in Africa but raised in Tipton in the West Midlands. He enjoyed living amongst his friends at Dudley Zoo, although he really wanted to go back to Africa when he was old enough to meet up again with his family. The adventures of Sparky is the story of his life growing up and later travelling back to his homeland and the adventures he encountered along the way.” 
We will be finding out all about Sparky’s experiences growing up in Africa later in 2020. 

Preview The Adventures of Sparky 

Sparky was given a little bike that he loved to ride. Lots of people paid money to watch him pedalling round and round in circles and doing tricks like steering with his trunk. He felt really happy when the visitors clapped and cheered him. 
Amber and Bella, his young lady friends at the zoo, liked to join in the show. They dressed up and tried out their new dance routines which delighted the crowd even more. “I do love living here,” Sparky said to himself, “but it’s time to move on.” 
Ambella Books 
Born in Africa but brought to England as a tiny baby, Sparky the elephant longs to travel home to be back with his family. So when he grows big enough, he sets off on the long and difficult journey. Accompanied by his friends Frank the Giant Toad and Rupert Snake, he has many adventures on the way … but will they overcome all the problems and dangers they face and reach their destination? 
Price: £6.99 
Delivery £2.25 
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